Director Sara Marandi is a favorite among clients in the highly specialized beauty niche, where she calls upon her unorthodox background in design to create worlds of glamour with attention to detail at the highest level. Sara began her career creating teasers and title sequences for major Hollywood studios, before studying graphic design and photography at the Art Center College of Design, where she first became interested in 3D animation and how things move in front of the camera. A visit to New York turned into a permanent move as she began to create a name for herself as a commercials director with an arsenal of stylized filmmaking techniques.

Ten years later, Sara has become one of the foremost beauty and design directors in the world, known for her fresh, modern approach, her technical expertise and her impeccable execution. From the lush world of Vera Wang, to the stylistic and playful verve of Aritizia, to evoking a natural performance to spotlight the relatable everywoman appeal of Tina Fey for Garnier, Sara invokes a mood of inspiration and youthful spirit to a diverse array of brands. Recently, Sara was chosen by Olay to help give a signature new look and feel to the company’s product relaunch.

Sara has worked for major beauty and lifestyle brands across the globe including L’Oreal, Crest, Pantene, Dove, Roc, Nexxus, Schwarzkopf, Avon and Goody. Outside of the fashion and beauty sphere, Sara’s expertise in tabletop and post fx is seen in the iconic award-winning Smirnoff Red campaign that redefined the spirit of the brand. Her breadth of work extends all the way to automotive advertising, with Sara setting her design influences into play for Toyota to envision the car in a whole new light.

Sara’s extensive experience with celebrity talent includes projects with Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford, Evangeline Lilly, Claudia Schiffer and Andie MacDowell. Her work has earned her a collection of awards including the New York Art Director’s Club, the Type Director’s Club, the Golden Trailer Award, and the AICP Award.