Vincent Lobelle is born in the North of France on the 10_11_1972, by a stormy night. That evening, the wind of force was 7, the temperature 4° and the baby 3,254 kg. The 0 to 22 years-old period is prettic classical. In brief : Pampers… Playmobile… Scooby-Doo… Atari… Clearasil… Abercrombie & Fitch… D&G Perfume… Budweiser… Trojan… Lonely Planet.

In 1995, he starts working in the adversting industry. WithTBWA Paris, he won dozens of international awards like Gold Lions, Gold One Show Pencils, Gold Clios… on clients like Nissan, Playstation, Aides, etc.

In 2002, after directing his own creations, Lobelle becomes a full-time director.

In 2008, Vincent directs his debut feature, « VAMPIRE PARTY », mix of horror and comedy.

Since then, Vincent continues the film directing, between advertising and fiction, with the same pleasure, creativity, exigency and passion.

Vincent Lobelle has a son and shares his time between Paris and Barcelona.

He loves 70’s movies, reads thrillers and comics, listens to The Beatles and other old junk.

He also draws, writes and works on a new feature.

He likes cheesecakes and meatpies, but not so much Brussels spouts.

His shoe size is 10.