A native of Germany, Alex Feil was immersed in story-telling at a young age, growing up in a family of theater makeup artists. His pursuit of film began when he was a student working as an assistant film editor at a German TV station. Upon graduation, Alex continued his post production work, immediately finding success as a freelance editor for both commercials and documentaries throughout Germany. 

After five years spent honing his editing and post production craft, Alex found his directorial breakthrough with the 2006 commercial “The Jump” for a.r.t. studios, which garnered him international honors. Since that time, Alex has earned over 30 awards for his advertising work, most memorably for his campaigns for auto manufacturers including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar. In addition to his directorial work, Alex is also a member of the Art Directors Club3 where he serves as a juror for international advertising festivals.


Executive Producer Luke Thornton says, “Alex is a consummate story teller, with a particularly deft command of comedy. His unique point of view and international experience makes him a perfect fit for Believe


The year is 1964 and the place is Berlin, a divided city where flight from the German Democratic Republic is punished with an order to fire.

Yet many people tried to cross the border by forging identity papers, digging tunnels, climbing into hot-air balloons or hiding in cars going West. BMW’s film is based on the true story of Klaus-Günter Jacobi, who helped his best friend flee East Germany by smuggling him across the Berlin Wall in a BMW Isetta. It was directed by Alex Feil.

(campaign, BMW “The Small Escape”)

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What can you do when someone you deeply love does not recognize you anymore? For the new brand campaign for German electronics retailer Saturn, Jung von Matt have asked themselves this and other emotional questions. Together with director Alex Feil and Tempomedia, they have found possible answers in courageous and emotional ways for Saturn. ‘Anna’ is the first  of four different spots and it shows a young woman struggling with her father’s Alzheimer’s disease. She finds that a new piece of tech – a virtual reality headset – has a profound effect on her father and allows the pair to connect.

(Little Black Book, Alex Feil’s “Saturn” ad will give you goosebumps)

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