FREDRIK BÄCKAR is an award-winning DP with a career spanning two decades. He has truly mastered the craft of cinematography and has come across nearly every possible scenario behind the camera; making the transition into directing a natural process for him.


Growing up In the small town of Mora in Northern Sweden, he took an early interest in watching genre films and tagging along in his older brother’s friend group of film nerds. Fredrik’s early fascination with film propelled him to begin a lifelong expedition behind the camera, starting with shooting super 8 shorts with his brother and eventually leading up to studies at the London International Film School and Dust, the first feature he would ever work on. He teamed up with director Adam Berg to shoot the Phillips ‘Carousel’ spot that made waves in the awards circuit, going on to win “Best Commercial” at the Cannes Lions, and thus catapulting Fredrik’s career. The freeze frame technique used in this spot would go on to become his signature style. This visual motif appears in his recent work with Amazon Prime. Bäckar would later find himself getting a text from David Fincher to prep The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the first period of the film; a career-defining moment. One day Fred will make the crossover into directing a feature-length horror film, but until then, he continues to take the advertising industry by storm.